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Evelyn Embry at (607) 793-4685 in Richford, New York

Evelyn Embry, portrait painter, painter of the nude, self-portraits, social commentary, still life and other genre, has been an artist for over forty-five years.

She is a traditional painter, who favors numerous techniques, such as, ala prima, an immediate technique that allows for great spontaneity, and the under painting method, often  utilized by the old masters to create the effect of flesh tones that cannot be achieved any other way. Her style is often impressionistic but can also lean towards classical realism when her subject demands it, such as her self-portrait, “The Pope” after, a Velasquez style portrait of Pope Clement. Soft pastels are one of the artists favored mediums along with oils. Soft pastel is a vibrant medium with great luminosity and richness of texture. It is pure dry pigment unlike oils which need a binder and the use of solvents and brushes.

Embry's training includes the study of color relationship, and how each part of the composition interacts with the whole. Her studies have a broad base from the Russian painter, Sergei Bongart, to the Feminist Studio Workshop at the Women's Building in Los Angeles, in the 1970s where she first began making art from her experience of oppression as a woman.

Her blog of social commentary describing her works of a highly political nature define the depth of her commitment to social change while speaking of her integrity as an artist committed to equality for women, her battle with agism and poverty and concern for the environment.