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For works for sale, or to inquire about commissioning a portrait, please contact Evelyn Embry in Richford,
New York


Commission Process

At the initial meeting, Ms. Embry ascertains what the client would like to see in the portrait and estimates the approximate size of the piece. Then she determines whether it will include pets, for instance, or special objects, elaborate backgrounds, etc., and how the client wishes to see the image whether it be formal or casual. This can be changed somewhat but once the work has gotten under way the size of the piece cannot be altered.

The artist prefers to rely on photographs exclusively, which she takes in approximately a three-hour session. She creates numerous compositions by means of the camera. She then confers with the client to see which poses, etc. they like best and can do a sketch if so desired. But the photograph or photographs chosen will be the basis of the portrait. Ms. Embry will use the photographs supplied by the client when necessary, but prefers doing the photography herself whenever possible. If more photographs are needed to complete the work another brief session will be scheduled with the sitter.

Upon completion of the portrait, the artist will send a detailed, professionally photographed copy of the painting for the client's approval. Once approved, Ms. Embry will deliver the portrait or make arrangements for shipping.

Fee Schedule

  Pastel Oil

Head and Shoulders


Three-quarter figure with hands $7,500 $9,000
Full Length Figure $10,000 $12,000
Household Pets $1,500 $2,000
Specifically requested detailed backgrounds $1,000

For a group composition of three or more there will be a 15% discount off the total portrait price.